Media Room

10 August 2018 

APIS: APIS Outstanding Participation at APEC Forum in Tokyo 

24 July 2018

APEC Secretariat: Ethics Pacts Provide Timely Boost to Healthcare, Trade

5 September 2017 

Vietnam NewsAPEC ministerial meeting aims to increase SMEs competitiveness

3 April 2017

The Hill Times: Ethics Week - Canada's Leadership Something to be Celebrated; Stronger When we Work Together 

 20 November 2016

The White House: Fact Sheet - 24th Annual APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting 

November 2016

ABAC Report to APEC Economic Leaders PERU 2016

8 September 2016

ALAFARPE: ALAFARPE signs Multisectoral Ethics Consensus Framework at APEC 2016

8 September 2016

ADIFAN: ADIFAN calls for transparency in drug value chain

8 September 2016

Focus Taiwan News Channel: APEC steps up fight against unethical practices by health industry

6 September 2016

Chamber of Commerce, Canada-Peru: APEC Canada receives award for leadership in business ethics

6 September 2016

El Peruano: Mutual trust will allow universal health coverage

6 September 2016

Andina: Universal coverage requires compromise between institutions, health personnel and patients

6 September 2016

Andina: Peru: Stakeholders required for universal health coverage

6 September 2016

Ministry of Health of Peru: Video: Universal coverage requires an ethical commitment among institutions, health personnel and patients

6 September 2016

Ministry of Health of Peru: Minister García: Universal coverage requires an ethical commitment among institutions, health personnel and patients

6 September 2016

APEC Secretariat: Health Bodies Unite Against Unethical Conduct

4 August 2016

APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC): 2016 ABAC Chair Letter to SME Ministers

28 June 2016

CAEFI Press Release: 2016 Pharmaceutical Enterprises Ethical Business Practices China Forum   

10 June 2016

Canada NewsWire: Patients, health care professionals, and research-based pharmaceutical industry align on ethical collaboration 

23 May 2016

ADIFAN Newsletter: APEC Business Ethics Initiative for the Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Sectors

23 February 2016

U.S. Council for International Business: 2016 APEC Priority Issues and Recommendations

25 January 2016

The Hill Times (Canada): Canada's Work at APEC gives us a healthcare system we can stand behind

14 December 2015

BusinessWorld (Opinion): Fighting corruption across sectors and borders 

24 November 2015

AdvaMed News: AdvaMed Welcomes Doubling of Industry Association Codes of Ethics Under APEC Business Ethics Initiative

19 November 2015

The White House, Office of the Press Secretary: Fact Sheet for 23rd Annual APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting

17 November 2015

U.S. Department of Commerce: U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews Underscores Importance of Combating Corruption in APEC Economies

17 November 2015

Manila Bulletin: APEC urged to boost anti-corruption drive

17 November 2015

Malaya Business Insight: Philippines Leads Fight vs. Graft

4 September 2015

Manila Bulletin: DTI pushes for a business ethics agenda at APEC forum

Sept/Oct 2015

Policy Magazine (Canada): Actions Based on Values - The Innovative Pharmaceutical Sector's Path to Integrity

31 August 2015

BusinessNewsAsia: APEC Members Urged to Promote Good Health and Sustain Economic Development

26 August 2015

Presidential Communications Operations Office (Philippines): Videos of 2015 APEC Business Ethics for SMEs Forum

26 August 2015

MTAA (Australia): APEC Business Ethics for SMEs Forum

23 August 2015

Manila Bulletin: APEC wants codes of ethics in health industry

23 August 2015

Philippines Star: APEC adopts codes of ethics for health firms 

22 August 2015

Philippines Daily Inquirer: Health industries in APEC to adopt ethics code 

21 August 2015

Philippines Department of Health: The Philippines received award on ethical business practices

21 August 2015

APEC Secretariat: Health Industry Ethics, SMEs Boosted with Code Increase

30 June 2015

RDPAC Press Release: 17 Associations Endorsed Pharmaceutical Enterprise Ethical Business Practices

19 June 2015

APEC Secretariat: APEC Turns to Small Firms to Combat New Health Threats

13 May 2015

HT Syndication: MDs level up commitment to ethical interactions

26 January 2015

IFPMA: Growing Support for Shared Ethical Principles from Healthcare and Medicines Providers 

14 November 2014

Medicines Australia: Medicines Australia welcomes APEC support for ethical business practices

14 November 2014

U.S. Department of Commerce: Deputy Secretary Bruce Andrews Concludes Trip to Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit

11 November 2014

The White House: Fact Sheet – Leading the Fight Against Corruption and Bribery

10 November 2014

U.S. Department of Commerce: Deputy Secretary Andrews Promotes SelectUSA and Fostering Foreign Investment at APEC in Beijing

8 November 2014

U.S. Department of State: Secretary John Kerry Press Availability in Beijing, China

29 October 2014

APEC Secretariat: 25 Years of Progress in the Asia-Pacific

12 September 2014

The Brunei Times: Promote SMEs innovation, APEC members urged

10 October 2014

Pharma Boardroom: Interview with Lee Kyeong-Ho, Chairman and CEO, KPMA, South Korea

9 September 2014

Borneo Post: SME Malaysia CEO receives APEC Business Award

8 September 2014

New Straits Times:  SME Corp CEO received APEC business award

3 September 2014

Philippines FDA News Release: Philippine Participation to the First APEC Business Ethics Forum

26 June 2014

APEC Bulletin: Enhancing SME Business Ethics in the Healthcare Industry

June 2014

Health & Lifestyle Philippines: Mexico City Code of Ethics in the Biopharma Sector

6 April 2014

Manila Bulletin: PH Pharma industry first to adopt FDA code of ethics

6 April 2014

Medical Observer: FDA Whips Pharma Firms into Line

3 April 2014

BusinessWorld Weekender: APEC Voluntary Codes of Ethics

2 April 2014

Balita: FDA to pharma: Follow the MCP, voluntary code of ethics

15 February 2014

Philippine Daily Inquirer: Calls for healthcare transparency and accountability renewed

12 February 2014

Asian Journal: MeTA calls for adherence to ethics code in pharma sector

February 2014

WHO Western Pacific Regional Office – Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies: Philippines Living HiT Update – Regulation of Governance of Pharmaceutical Care

7 November 2013

CCCMHPIE News Release: Nine Medical Associations Jointly Signed the Proposal of Pharmaceutical Enterprise Ethical Practices

3 September 2013

United States Council for International Business: USCIB 2014 APEC Priority Issues and Recommendations

30 August 2013

Malay Mail Online:  In graft fight, Najib sees barometer of trust in government

August 2013

Transforming Malaysia – The Fight Against Corruption: MACC-APEC Collaboration to Foster Code of Ethics for SMEs

1 February 2013

Philippine Daily Inquirer: PHAP head vows to promote universal healthcare, ethics and innovation

3 December 2012

Thailand Press Release: PReMA Supports the Implementation of IFPMA and APEC Codes of Conduct

30 October 2012

Balita: Doctors, pharma industries urged to stick to their code of ethics

4 July 2012

Office of the President of the Philippines: Aquino vows to address drug manufacturing, health care issues

14 November 2011

IFPMA News Release: APEC Endorsement of Principles for Industry Codes of Ethics Builds on IFPMA Global Code

14 November 2011

The Pharma Letter: APEC Summit endorses Principles for Industry Codes of Ethics for pharma

11 November 2011

CNW Telbec: Rx&D and MEDEC Applaud APEC Endorsement of Principles for Pharmaceutical Industry Code of Ethics

22 May 2011

APEC Bulletin:  APEC combats corruption with medical device code of ethics